Discovery26 – New Music in Studio 26 at Radio Slovenia

Concerts of RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra

The Discovery26 is a new concert and broadcast cycle with works of contemporary composers at Radio Slovenia. It was conceived to offer listeners a new kind of musical experience – one that combines symphonic scope, the possibilities in terms of sound from a full orchestra with the possibilities of contemporary expressions of composers who are – mostly – still living and still creating. We wish to offer this in a relaxed and informal environment of Studio 26 and curious listeners in their homes. The informal setting is intended to the listener, so that one can focus only on the experience of listening to the music.

On the inaugural concert the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra will be led by Steven Loy, one of the crucial creators of the series. He designed a program of four exciting works, including a new piece.


October 10th  2018 – live broadcast at Third Program ARS of Radio Slovenia – live video stream

RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra and Steven Loy

Philippe Leroux: Envers IV (2016) 
Rebecca Saunders: Traces (2006/2009) 
Carlos de Castellarnau: Plany d’Antigona (2018) 
Jonathan Harvey: Tranquil Abiding (1996)